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Adjusting a fan belt on a 200tdi


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Many apologies for the bone question, but how do you adjust the fan belt of a Defender 200tdi?

I've looked at it and see a plumber's nightmare - What do I have to take off or can I get at it from underneath?

My fan belt, on a 110 CSW TD, retro fitted-with a Defender 200tdi lump, has jumped the top pulley and is running on the iron top hat section forward of the pulley. Both the water pump and the alternator are running slow, so I've come to work in the Morgan - thank God it's bright and cold this morning. I can see I'm going to be busy tomorrow.

Any advice gratefully received.

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iir you can reach from underneath. The alternator is what you adjust it by, loosen the bolts on the alternator, wedge it out further to tension the belt, then tighten the alternator bolts back up.

you can see it here on mine, but obviously I don't have a cowl or a viscous fan on mine.


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should be 13mm nut/bolt. You can see the udjuster slide in Jas' picture from the top fixing of the alternator. Slacken the nut/bolt, then use a pry bar, or similar and lever the back of the alternator outwards - using the back of the water pump as a pivot point to lever against. This is a three-handed job, so you'll probably have to use your bonce to maintain pressure on the pry bar while you tighten the nut/bolt.

Careful not to overtighten the belt - it'll accellerate wear in the water pump bearing if you do.


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I use a wooden wedge to hold the alternator in it's new position while tightening the bolts, might have to slacken the lower front/rear mount bolts to let it swivel.

I've changed the fan belt and found the underlying cause and wish I hadn't. Key was taking the air cleaner out of the way, trying it back up to the bonnet to get at the top adjustment bolt and working up from undernearth to get at the lower mounting bolt, the top bolt being 13mm and the bottom being 10mm.

The fan belt was trashed, so had to be changed before it snapped, so I had to take off the PAS belt - slacken 3x10mm

bolts, which seem to be made of cheese, as the heads chewed up with little force. Changing the fan belt showed that the water pump bearings are shot, so that's the next job, sometime next week -I'm paying someone, I don't fancy it - I don't do this often enough to avoid hurting myself! :unsure:

Thanks for the advice - without the heads up about working from underneath, I'd have struggled for longer. :)

PS Got seriously rained on the in Morgan yesterday evening, not helped by bringing back a bargain air compressor from Aldi; typical no large helpful CSW when I wanted it.

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