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I'm having a problem with the vehicle losing power once shifted into 5th, will maintain approx. 100km/h.

The previous owner of my truck had the 4spd removed and 5spd installed. He initially thought he had a gear mismatch between the transfer case and the rear diff. And didn't do anything about it.

After checking out all the part numbers of the gearbox and rear diff (which are correct).

A friend mentioned it that it could be my carb float set-up, possibly running too rich. I've tried the trial and error method and it has improved somewhat. The engine has less 3K since rebuild. The engine runs really smooth, so short of a tear down and clean-up then starting over I'm open to suggestions!

Or am I on the wrong planet :o



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A mismatch between the transfer case and the rear diff, or both diffs? Where are you checking the part numbers from? If the rear diff has been swapped and is the wrong ratio then it would certainly be a problem. Assuming yours is a normal defender then both front and rear diff should be 3.54:1 ratio which means if you jack a wheel up and spin it the propshaft will go round 3.54 times for every turn of the wheel. The most likely mistake would be if someone has swapped a Series diff in, which is 4.7:1, but that would be a rare breed of numpty :lol:

If you have gone from a 4-speed to a 5-speed did that involve a swap of transfer box as well as gearbox? If so, check the ratio sticker on the transfer box to the left of the handbrake drum

If it has a Holley (or a Weber) then it's almost certainly running too rich all of the time :lol: my suggestion would be MSEFI but then everyone expects me to say that every post anyway :rolleyes:

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