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Wiper issues on a Defender


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It started out with wipers that would sweep off the screen bottom and the drivers side

so I followed Ralphs post of realigning the wheel boxes onto a supposed newer section of the wheel withing the wheel box.

this made little difference to the sweep(especially bad in heavy rain)

So I purchased new wiper blades (Bosch) as the MOT was due and the old ones were split

his gave another problem where the wipers would slow to a near stop if the screen was anything but very wet.

I then fitted a 2nd hand motor again no change to the sweep or slowing of blades on a drying screen.

Next step was to fit a new brush pack to the wiper motor, this was purchased and proved to be a poor pattern part

again no difference was made to the problems at hand.

Along with a newly developed clonk from the drivers side wiper arm.

the clonk was traced to the wiper arm being fitted and knocked onto the wheelbox with a little too much vigor, this led to the need to pull the dah apart to remove the slack on the spindle of the wheel box after advice from Lars on here.

next problem set in:

the drivers side arm kept falling off the adapter drum, I guess too much on/off of this item to work on the wheelbox/wiper motor etc had left the wiper arm a tad slack on the adpator itself.

new wiper arms and adaptors were purchased and fitted after cutting the old adaptor off with a dremmel :(

finally a new motor was fitted along with the new arms/wipers fettled wheelboxes

I'm now left with a wiper system that:

works on all three settings

doesn't slow down to a stop on a drying screen

wipes only the screen with no off screen wiping action

and finally doesn't clonk or lose wiper arms when in use.


wiper motor £30

wiper arms/adaptors £27 inc P&P

new dash trim £8 as I busted the old old taking the motor on and off

I returned the brush pack which was £9 as it was rubbish

I was going to order wheel boxes but after pulling my ones apart I realised there was no wear visible and replacement would be a waste of ££




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slow wipers was the motor

clonking was freeplay on the wheel box

bending the tab up cleared that.

slack wiping was the adapters and worn wiper arms.

not that expensive to have decent wipers again.

more time consuming than annoying regarding the job itself.

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