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Stub axle inner bearings and cv joints.


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I stripped down the swivel housing on my 94 commercial, the cv joints are knocking like a knocky thing :rolleyes:

When we removed the stub axle we dicovered the needle bearings on the inside of the stub axle had died a very nasty death.

There wasnt much oil left either (I know it should be greese).

So now Ive got to change these too.

How do you get them out, and the new ones back in?

Also the cv joint doesnt want to give up its long relationship with the drive shaft, the manual says to use a soft faced mallet :lol:

Ive moved onto a club hammer and it still wont shift :angry:

These are 24spline.

Please help, the only reliable vehicle Ive got left is my big yellow V8 2a :o:D

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I couldn't remove the CV joint from the shaft on a 110, and I was beating the jesus out of it with my entire hammer collection. I cut it up with a 9-inch disc cutter and a plasma blade in the end.

Cup had a hairline crack in it.


I tried the 'sharp rap with a hammer'routine.


Time to use the terminator.


Inner cage was in several bits anyway - the result of running with no oil in the swivel.


I cut through the cup and then was able to take it all apart.



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I find it amazing that something thats only held on with a little wire clip can be such a pig to get off, it was back in the vice last night with me pulling on the cv end whilst beating the living daylights out of it with a rubber mallet.

Still not coming off, though I could see it wasnt rusted on :rolleyes:

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