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Has anyone made biodiesel in any large quantities?

Just been reading the thread "Brakes and Fluid" (difference of opinion as to whether the fluid is hydrophillic or hydroscopic) and suddenly remembered reading somewhere that biodiesel is hydroscopic (attracts water) and am now wondering at what rate it absorbs water, how this affects the the burning of it, and how it needs to be stored in order to avoid it absorbing water (sealed I assume).


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[pedantic] it's hygroscopic [/pedantic] rather than hydrophilic in that it attracts water rather than dissolves in it.

You're correct of course (have an A*), but then I am dyslexic so I think I'm allowed to mispell things from time to time.

So Ner, Ner, Ner... :i-m_so_happy:

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I thought normal diesel was hygroscopic anyway - which is why you get drain taps on the diesel fuel filter, and why diesel tanks rot, so you should always keep them nearly full, to prevent air getting in and condensing in the diesel.


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