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Ok, i had the car, (1999 TD5 D2), plugged in at the local LR dealer this weekend, as well as misdiagnosing the snag i went in with, they highlighted a couple of others. Firstly the air flow meter is duff. As they want £102 to do the job, i am looking at doing it myself, just wondered if anyone can point me in the direction of a supplier that might be cheaper, as my dealers is normally on the high side. Also any phots that anyone might have would be greatly appreciated.

The second snag, is the engine harness contains oil, they say it needs to be fully replaced, is this true? or can it be cleaned up and a new seal put in? :blink:

Cheers in advance

Sharkey (Not Sharky)

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Contact somebody like Bearmach they may be able to supply an OEM part? I don't know if it is available as OEM or not to be honest (may not be), but it is worth asking.

Fit it yourself, apart from clearing the fault code (which is optional really...) there is no "setup" required on a Td5 AFM, just two jubilee clips and a multiplug to change it, 10 min job with a screwdriver.

Wiring harness is much the same (i.e. easy) change the injector harness inside the engine (about £40) again a DIY job all that is needed is a small socket set to take the rocker cover off, unplug and pull out the harness, push new one into place pop the plugs on and put rocker cover back on. Get a tin of electrical contact cleaner, hose out the main harness plug at the engine end and blow out with airline if possible, take the plugs off the ECU and do the same, refit and you will probably be sorted. On very odd occasions oil does get into the ECU but almost never, and almost never does the whole harness need changing, I can only recall one we have changed in eight years or so.

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A good description, Steve. But we also destroy the seal between the engine harness and the body harness at the front of the engine. Then any oil coming down the ignition harness will leak down the front of the engine and not down the body harness into the ECU. As it is coverered with plastic owners will not notice :)

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Cheers Bogmonster, will check that out this week. Glad you mentioned about not changing the full harness as LR quoted £500, and that's more than i like shelling out at once.

As for the AFM, found a couple on ebay for not much less than the LR price, but will have a hunt around.

Thanks again.

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Does it not affect waterproofing though? Not an issue where you are I guess, but I wonder if water ingress and corrosion would be a problem in damper climes?

I suppose it would if you got water up to the top of the engine. We haven't had any complaints yet. Our customers are very happy to get the problem to go away and stay away without paying mega bucks to LR stealers. We do the job for 1/6 of what they want, possibly because they want to change both harnesses. We get by on changing the injector harness only.

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