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I had one for a while,sold it for £250 - what a mistake!

Very smooth feed.Plenty powerful enough.Very good welder.Never over heated,but it wasn't professional use.

Its realy a cebora,made in italy.They are sold under various badges.

I was actually looking out for another.The only reason I sold it was that the bottle rental was too much for my very occasional use.

Lots of people borrowed it while I had it - everyone liked it.

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I looked at buying a Cebora a few weeks ago, but when compared to a similar priced Lincoiln Welder i'd buy the Lincoln every time. I'm not a great welder, but the Lincoln makes everyone a competent welder... I don't know how, it just feels right. I got a Lincoln 180A doofa, 2 15kg rolls wire, quality hand held shield, gloves, spare earth clamp, 10 spares tips and shrouds, regulator and one years x size bottle rental for £440 from BOC in Preston.

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Thinking of upgarding to a Snap-On 2180 SX 240V 180 Amp Mig.

How good are they, feedback would be very Helpful

Cheers Aaron

Cebora tool under the Snap On name, and in my opinion its pushed its price up because it says Snap On on the box the same Cebora mig is cheaper to buy.

Have a look at your local BOC outlet, i got a 240 amp mig from my local outlet that had been traded in for a 3 phase, fou just over a 1/3rd of its new price with a warranty.

Regards Keith

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