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How do you remove / refit the outer wing ?

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Defender 90 Tdi and the rear half of the passenger front arch has caught a small pole and bent the wing and arch considerably. However, its only the outer panel and wheel spat along with the very front of the sill that been bent / damaged.

I've read that its possible to take just the outer wing off . . . Can someone tell me how? Its not particularly obvious to me how you would do so.

Many thanks in advance.

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Put the car on chassis stands and chocks, take the wheel off, stick your head under the wheelarch.

You will see that there is a row of bolts that can be undone, just shy foo the side panel. They can be a [britney Spears on PMS] to undo as the area they 'live' in is a perfect 'cr@p-trap'...

Good luck

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If the outer wing is goosed you might just as well cut along the length of the wing, about an inch away from the joint between the inner and outer wing. Having done this you will be able to get easy access to the bolts which hold the two together. This is the method used in the Haynes Restoration Manual. <_<


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Thanks chaps.

Reading about since posting, it does sound as if doing the whole wing would be the easier thing in the long run. Cutting the panel to pieces

a ) sounds like fun

b ) would make for good pictures !


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When I did this, rather than cutting the wing off, I got a hole saw and cut holes to gain access to the bolts.


When I put the new outer wing on, I took time to make up some captive bolts using a bit of thin sheet, m8 bolts and welded em together. Did them in stainless, so I can now remove the outer wing quite easily.


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