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Fitting a snorkel


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I cuttently have the series type oil-bath filter fitted to my 2.5NA 110 and I'm not sure which is the better route to go when fitting a snorkel?

Should I..

A) Replace the filter housing with the correct 2.5NA one and then fit the 2.5NA snorkel, the type that goes through the top of the wing.

B) Fit the correct 2.5NA filter housing but fit the 2.5TD/200TDi wing and wing mounted snorkel.

C) Fit a 200TDi filter housing, wing and snorkel.

I suppose the real question I'm asking is which is the more secure as far as sealing goes (filter housing, snorkel, hoses) or is there little difference between the three types to be worrying about? :huh:

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Since my 110 has the correct filter housing I opted for going through the top when I made my snorkel. But mine is LHD, which makes it a bit easier, no heater in the way.

The filter housing is already easy to attach a 3" hose onto and secure with a hose clamp. I have had my snorkel on and off from time to time. Now it's off due to the extreme induction noise a N/A diesel makes. From the beginning I had a scoop pointing forwards, but after getting a proper Cooper top, the noise is pointed directly to the cab roof making it almost impossible to drive without hearing protection.

Could change when I get my Tdi transplanted with the turbo making the induction roar quieter.

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I prefer a snorkel that goes out through the top of the wing (mine actually goes out through a hole in the edge of the bonnet) as it's less prone to tree damage. If you have the space a 110 V8 air filter is huge (more surface area = better).

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To fit a snorkel to a series type oil bath filter you have to modify it extensively. Fitting the standard 2.5 N/A or TD paper element type filter housing is by far easier and better. The side entry snorkel can easily be dislodged as it sticks out a bit, and the fixings are poor. Mine goes in through the top of the wing and then will connect to the air filter via a flexi pipe. Bewrae that there's a wing supposrt bracket on the bulkhead. and the hole in the top of the wing is very close to it. I had to file a small amount of mine.


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