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Why bolt a small light V6 to a land rover gearbox? Plenty of triallers use a centre-mounted FWD engine and box driving directly out to the axles through the old driveshafts. Not sure how it affects overall gearing, just fit bigger tyres ;)

Vauxhall EcoTec are a good bet, designed to be sensible (hence the name) but turned out so good they had to restrict them back down to being sensible :lol: if you remove the restrictions they are supposed to be pretty punchy, a mate was putting one in a Westfield but he was taking longer than Will about it... :ph34r:

Oi Mr 'two and a half years for a gearbox change' Utteridge! :lol:

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Oi Mr 'two and a half years for a gearbox change' Utteridge! :lol:

People in glass houses, Mr Warne! :blink:

If you count the arrival date at the lab as the build start date (which it really was, the faffing that went on before is best forgotten about as none of it got kept :( ) then it's been less than a year.

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