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Exhaust box replacement.


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There are various people on here that have tried it. I remember asking about the removal of the rear silencer and a whole host of people responded with various different set-ups...

Have you run it through the search?? I'll see what I can find on it........

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Guest diesel_jim

I did it on my 300 90.... had a middle silencer that i cut the end off, removed the innards and welded it back up, all with 3" pipe.

the system was a work of art (built by Bryn Hemming) but i removed it as it was too noisy. after a days laning, by lunchtime i had a headache with the rumbling!

I now run a V8 sports system (it's a Rimmer brothers one i had on my V8 90) and welded the Tdi downpipe to match the V8. sounds nice, not too noisy but lets the engine "rev" as much as the 3" straight through system did.

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Anyone took the big box out of their exhaust on a 300tdi dfender and replaced it with a straight through pipe?? If so wher did you get the straight through pipe from?



Had a leaking center silencer on my 200tdi. Replaced it last week with a 2 inch pipe. Doesn't make a difference in the sound or performance.

Cheers Bowy

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