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Jaguar xk6 engine


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Been chatting with a mate of mine who's a complete Jag nut and he sujested that the Jaguar XK6 engine would be an ideal engine to fit in a Land Rover, especially the 4.2 version. I know that there was the straight-6 engine fitted to some of the series Land Rovers but has anyone attempted to fit an XK engine.


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The LR I6 was a big beastie out of a very old Rover saloon car, fitted to SIIA's and S3's before the V8 came along. I doubt anythign from that install would be worth looking at these days.

The AJ6 lump (which started as 3.6, then went to 4.0) apparently uses a very similar ZF auto to the RR 4-speed so the potential is there (some people have run the jag autos behind LR engines). I have no idea if the XK6 lump would be swappable into the place where an AJ6 once sat, I guess your mate would know?

Have a read of the "Engine Bunfight" thread in the tools & fab forum.

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A friend of mine used to have one in a series, and managed to keep the original front panel!

They are a little heavy though :D

The auto versions of the XJ6 used the borgwarner 66 so you could use a milners or roberts adapter to a series transfer box.

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