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don't you just love them.......................


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Following my reply to the Tesco / Morrisons petrol problem ..........................

Whilst driving I emptied the gas tank last Sunday and switched to petrol, must have done 50 odd miles no problems with petrol. Tuesday morning jumped into the nas started the engine on petrol, tuned the radio and the engine stopped. Strange, not usual for the nas. Would start on what was left of the LPG but when switched to petrol nothing. Petrol pump not working was diagnosed as problem, no error messages on instrument panel or on the digital message reader in the seat box (the reader is a nas thing you would'nt understand). Gave work a ring and they sent the Connect to collect me, walked up the road past John Bowdens house (Gumtree fame) who was just leaving for work and blagged a lift to Ditchling common, redirecting the Connect to collect me there.

So, busy all week at work but found some time this morning to sort out the problem. Passenger seat box open, undo the plastic sealed box for the ecu, unplug the 2 relays for the fuel pump, re-seat relays. I checked relays first because these have given problems in the past. Key in ignition, hand holding the 2 relays to feel them click on/off pump comes on for 3 secs turn key engine fires and keeps running. Warm engine, turn off, start on gas engine running, switch to petrol engine still running. Switch off ignition start and run engine on gas and petrol a few times. Switch off engine, put all the boxes back together, seat base on, turn ignition key nothing! Bu**er. Open seat box and ecu box check relays, leave the boxes open seat off, key in ignition and bingo! Straight down to the Shell garage at Hickstead and fill the nas with gas.

For those of you who know Angus, I have a little electrical fault finding mission for him this week!

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