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changing old standard brake lines ...


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My main tip from watching many people do it, is assume you'll end up replacing the whole lot because you will probably break most of them and/or bugger up the fittings. I.e. don't decide to do it 2 hours before leaving to go somewhere you really must be at on time, and do it when your local parts supplier is open :)

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If you don't have one, a pipe flaring tool and some pipe & fittings are a worthwhile investment about now ;)

I have a flaring tool you can borrow if you need it.

yes got all of the above :rolleyes: just not looking forward to doing it.....

i would rather change a busted cam belt and bent push rods :blink:

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Best tip I can give to save a lot of frustration:

Cut the pipes at the union/nut, then you can use a 6 sided (hex) socket to undo it. No rounding off. Using this method you can replace pipes in extreme places and still use the original fittings. Useful if you can't find a shop in the desert.

This method is preferable to using a spanner and grazing all your knuckles.

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