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What power needed to push bushes out ?


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Considering making my own very basic press to deal with the bushes on the P38 ( and other LR's ) as its a job thats needing done.

I've got all the box section and right angle metal I need to make up the frame, but i'm just wondering what sort of power I am likely to need to get the bushes out ?? i.e. what ton rating to make the bottle jack?

Basically, its going to be off the form:


The idea is simple that you put the radius arm in between the gaps of the right angled metal, pump up the jack and it'll lift it till its squashed by the upper brackets and then push the bush up and out of the arm. Refitting is reversal of removal! The plan is that i'll probably have to make something so that the radius arm / whatever is held in the right position, but thats the basics of it.

Any thoughts on how big a jack I should go for?

Any other thoughts?

Ideally I would like to make the top level of right angle mounted by having holes in the box section and bolts running through so that you could adjust the height of the upper parts, but my ickle drill would not manage to drill the metal.

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>> just pick up a second hand fly press, cheap and useful for lots of other jobs too

no no no no no

buying the right tool for the job and finding that the tool does the job first time prefectly and far easier than you originally thought it would do and that you now marvel at why you hadn't bought it before is absolutely a last resort !!!

I much prefer the angst, trials and tribulations, skinned knuckles, and turning the air blue with swearing from trying to make do with what you've got before giving in! Doesn't everyone else?


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I found that a very large vice, a 3 ft length of scaffold pipe, and an additional burly bloke sorted it right out. I liked SimonR's idea for a shaped piece of metal that you put into the hole in the middle, then bash the top with a sledge hammer. Don't know how many tonnes that equates to, but having met Simon, would think that it was quite a few.

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If memory serves me correctly......I maybe wrong here?

But the stock Bushes on the Radius arms on a P38, require a special bit of equipment to fit them?

They wont press in due to the Fit is about 5thou interferance fit.

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Not sure, but by the looks of the bushes themselves they look pretty normal affairs. The only difference that i can obviously see is that the outer shell ( normally the one you could hacksaw out after burning the rubber ) is actually plastic. In fact, i think they are completely plastic/rubber. I'll be out in the garage tonight, so i'll have a look at them and post a pic later on to show it. I'm hoping that by being plastic, they will come out easier and go in easier than the metal on metal of the normal ones i'm used to.

There are special tools needed i think to do the front hub ball joints . . . or something related to them. The front has no swivels per say, the front hub turns on top and bottom ball joints which look bigger than the normal steering bakk joints but smaller than an A-frame one.

Fun and games ahead me thinks ! I think it'll be 20t bottle jack. I'll post piccies in due course.

Tonk: I'll be round tomorrow :);)

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torch them, then cut the outer bush.

Use an Impact Technology Device to get the new ones in.


Don't have a powerful enough torch so I used a hole saw to destroy the rubber then hacksawed the outer almost through and knocked it out with a cold chisel....5 minute job and very little swearing...unusual for me!

Bob :D

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JST and I managed to do all of his bushes apart from the rear swing arm ones with relevant sized sockets and a large sledge hammer. Think the shocking is the secret to well jammed bushes and that's why it worked.

I have done mine on my mates 30ton press and we had it fully loaded and some still didn't budge till a 'little' tap with a hammer while loaded resulted in a fast exit by the bush.

Have also resorted to burning and cutting but this is definitely last resort!

Good luck anyway. Will always be the bain of our lives with Landies and offroading!

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