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Challenge truck insurance


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Anyone got any good recommendations for insurance brokers for the above, am currently insured with firebond on a classsic policy, doesnt list the mods but goes on an agreed value or something like that. Who do you insure yours with?


Ed B

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Snowball insurance , They gave me a quote of £138 TPFT , LR90 , 36" tyres ,3" lift , 2 lockers 2 winches and bodywork mods .

I use them as well they have all my racer's on the books and are very easy to change stuff about my 90 was £250 as a 4.2 with all of the above and a lose nut behind the wheel :D

Happy for trucks to compete but obviously there not covered while doing so but do offer a service which will cover while competeing.

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Snowball for me too

ALL mods listed, barely threw them :lol:

When I said 4.5 Eales they just said Ooooo Nice" down the phone Flux said "4.6 listed nothing re a 4.5 ??",

15 mins later I knew I was on a lost cause, ..........hence stayed with Snowball

They do know their modifications !


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