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clutch on a freelander


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Hi guys/girls

The freelander forum is a little on the quiet side of things at the moment, so I thought I would ask here instead.

Clutch is starting to slip but only on heavy loads, so how hard is it to swap out then?

What needs to come out - Gbox or engine?

How hard can it be.

vehicle is a 2L Diesel

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The Freelander forum is quiet because everybody posts the questions on here :)

I don't think it is too serious, the "by the book" method is gearbox out I think, but that assumes a ramp and transmission hoist, I'm guessing you could get the engine out of one of the old Freelanders without too much trouble.

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The racers don't tend to burn them out so I have never changed one myself but would assum it just a case of removing the cv and drive shaft and split the engine and box like you would in a car.

my camel did one at 19k due to me getting it bellied on a beer kek in a river that I should not have been in but warrentee fixed that. and I did another 80k without any problems

the Td4 we removed the Helix clutch due to it being too good and would spin all four in 1,2 and 3rd meaning the box would only lasted one event so we took Keith Banyards advise and put a standard clutch in as the weak point but after that we never had to touch it it was still very good when we sold it.

PTP put a new clutch in as part of the sponsership for the new engine in the 1.8 and its not given out yet..

having said that SHMBO road car freelander is in need of a clutch some time soon.

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