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'Off Road Vehicles (Registration) Bill'


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I suspect this will also affect people driving 4x4's that are not registered around farms, play sites that do not require VED and insurance being available et cetera:

From: mag-uk-activists-bounces@lists.mag-uk.org

[mailto:mag-uk-activists-bounces@lists.mag-uk.org] On Behalf Of Director of Public Affairs MAG-UK

Sent: 13 March 2007 16:08

To: MAG UK Email Army

Subject: [MAG-UK-Activists] Motorcycle Action Group: 'Off Road

Vehicles(Registration) Bill'


'Off Road Vehicles (Registration) Bill'

Issued 13th March 2007

Graham Stringer MP for Blackley Manchester, (labour), has introduced his 'off road vehicles,

(registration) bill by way of a private members bill.

The Bill received its second reading on Friday 2nd March 2007.

The bill was voted through to the committee stage by a significant


This bill has been brought about to deal specifically with localised

problems caused by the

irresponsible, illegal and anti social use of mini motos.

These are miniature motorbikes purchased at very low cost and which have

been imported mainly from


These machines are not intended for road use. They do not meet

construction and use and other legal

requirements and are not 'type approved'.

As a consequence they are outside any form of registration scheme.

The intention of the Bill is to extend the current registration scheme

which applies to road

vehicles to include those vehicles used off road.

The belief, by supporters of the bill, is that such a scheme will

prevent anti social and illegal

use and make it easier for the police to deal with the problem.

The wording of the bill in its current form does not differentiate

between types of vehicles.

It would include off road motorcycles used legitimately by responsible

owners in sporting events

held off road. These would include;

Trials, Moto cross, speedway, grass tracking, enduros, road racing on

purpose built circuits and

closed roads such as the Isle of Man TT races.

It would also affect farmers, council and theme park workers who use

quad bikes for essential work

off road.

The government does not want this bill to be passed. At the second

reading the roads minister Dr

Steven Ladyman made it clear that the bill was unnecessary and

unworkable. He outlined that there

were already sufficient powers allowing the police, local authorities

and other agencies to deal

with this problem.


The intention of this campaign is to challenge the bill to ensure that

it fails.


MAG will encourage members to write to their MPs using a suggested

letter format attached to the end

of this report.

MAG will engage with other interest groups, e.g. MCIA, ACU, BMF, RAC

Foundation Countryside Alliance

and others to generate a critical mass, increasing our collective

lobbying power.


MAG Campaigns Manager will develop the campaign appropriate with the

emerging situation.

Read the full lobby and contact your MP on the MAG Campaigns website


Issued by

David Short

Campaigns Manager - Motorcycle Action Group (MAG UK)

Mobile: 07738948080

Office: 01347 822214

Email: campaigns-manager@mag-uk.org


PO BOX 750


CV21 3ZR

Tel: +44 (0)870 444 8 448

Fax: +44 (0)870 444 8 449

The UK's Leading Riders' Rights Organisation



MAG-UK-Activists mailing list



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If I had to fill in an extra form every year but was then seen as 'responsible' enough to use green lanes, I say "aye".

True, but green lane use isn't actually 'offroad' use though is it? This is more of an issue for those of us that run a non road legal motor for competion, ie ccv and comp safaris. just another level of red tape, and it wont affect the people its aimed at one jot. imagine:

Yobbo Mchoodie: "I was thinking of getting a chinese minimoto of th'ebay for £12.99 and thrash it round the neighbourhood until the early hours of the morning, p***ing everone of in the process, but now that I should fill in a form for it, I shan't bother (bovver?)

Aint goona happen. They'll just nick em instead.

(gets down from soapbox...)

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Inpart I agree with the proposal.

I have a problem with any mechanicaly propelled vehicle being used on the road without sum sort of regulation.

Mini-motos, go-peds, motorised skateboards,electric bycicles and even invalid "buggies" can be a real danger to other road users in the wrong hands.

Fortuneately it isn't kids that usually cause problems but is often "old folks" in the shopping buggy things, who are not able to control them properly on the road or in shops.

If I have to be regulated to use my mechanically propelled vehicles then why shouldn't they.

Sorry if anyone feels I am being a little un-PC.


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Inpart I agree with the proposal.

I have a problem with any mechanicaly propelled vehicle being used on the road without sum sort of regulation.

Mechanically propelled vehicles used on the road already are regulated. (unless they are electric and incapable of more than 5mph, I think)

The proposal is to regulate vehicles NOT used on the highway, ie trials motors, comp safari racers, clubman race cars, etc all the way down to farmers quads, field bikes and mini motos. Its not practical, and IMHO not likely to be effective, either.

AND, it would have to be paid for...

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Why don't they just introduce the death sentence for anybody who has a stupid little motorbike with pram wheels where the owner is more than 12 years old?

Most of the Chav Hoodies that cause the aggro, ARE under 12.

Got something to do with not getting prosecuted due to being under a certain age, might be 12?

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It's another do gooder trying his own thing. This would be absolutely horrendous and covers evrything thats used off road, can you see the F1 boys all have registration plates ????? It's another f*****ing useless bit of cods from this stupid. stupid Government the sooner we get rid of Bliar and his cronies the better, problem is that there isn't anyone involved in politics who has a modicum of sense anyway !!!!

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If was actually going to do any good I wouldn't have a major problem with it (though I bet it wouldn't just be a case of filling a form in - you really think the government would miss an opportunity to grab some more of your hard earned?) - but only a complete moron would think that passing legislation to make it illegal to own an unregistered off road vehicle will have any effect on people who are already breaking the law...

There are plenty of those mini-moto things around here, and the only place it's legal to ride them in Birmingham is in a private garden. Which is, of course, exactly what all the law abiding little chavs do... :rolleyes:

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