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90 Degrees challenge 29th,30th june 1st july

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The 90° challenge event

Sponsored by Outback import

• Date 29th 30th June and 1st July

• Format 10 compete each day 5 best go through to Sunday final

• Tyres No restriction, Axles no restriction, super modified

• Winches 1 front 1 rear compulsory

• Helmets to MSA spec and worn when in vehicle

• Winch blankets compulsory 1 Kgs [ on vertical pulls]

• Sponsors plates to be worn on doors, and bonnet.

• Sponsored clothing, which will be given to each competitor, must be worn throughout the event.

There will be 10 special stages with a 15 minutes maximum time DNF


running over bunting 10 points per infringement.

Running over winch cable 10 points

Each stake knocked down 10 points

Driver skill and placement will result in less penalties, the reason why we are recording in this way is we are expecting a possible 3,000 spectators over the weekend.

Entry fee £200 per car

£1000 1 st prize ---------------- prizes for placed teams

Entry is now open for the 90° challenge sponsored by Outback Import

The event to be held at Manby showground on the weekend of 29th June

The event is to be split into 3 days

10 cars Friday

10 cars Saturday

Top 5 from each day fights for a the overall prize

The format will be 10 ss all against the clock with penalties given for misdemeanours

The event will be backed by a DVD and this will raise our profile in the UK.

We are profiling this event at a show where the offroad public can view the 10 sections from the safety of marked out spectator areas which will be marshalled at all times. There will be commentary on at least one section. A booklet will be available to the show public which will give information about all the teams and even photographs if you send them to us.

Media information for the 90° challenge event

Name co driver

Car make and reg

Years in challenge scene

Winch makes


Engine type BHP

Event entered in last 12 months

Notable successes in your challenge careeer


Any other info for the DVD you care to give

Please send J peg pics of team and car this is in your interests.

Please go to www.lrshow.co.uk for further information and reply addresses

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