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200-300 TDI headgaskets

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200Tdi & 300Tdi cylinder head gasket sizes

1 hole 1.30mm ----- ERR5261 for piston protrusion between 0.50 to 0.60mm
2 hole 1.40mm ----- ERR5262 --------------------------------------- 0.61 to 0.70mm
3 hole 1.50mm ----- ERR5263 --------------------------------------- 0.71 to 0.80mm
NO holes 1.60mm -- ERR7154 ------------------------------ if higher than 0.80mm use the NO HOLE gasket.

And by Ian:

From the workshop manual:

Cylinder Head Gasket Selection.
CAUTION: New cylinder head gasket should be same thickness as the original.

If, however, cylinder head, pistons or crankshaft have been replaced, it will be necessary to check piston stand proud in order to determine the correct thickness of gasket.

1. Position a magnetic base DTI to cylinder block top face adjacent to number 1 cylinder bore.

2. Position stylus of gauge to cylinder block top face on edge of number 1 cylinder bore; zero gauge.

3. Rotate crankshaft in a clockwise direction until numbers 1 and 4 pistons are at TDC.

4. Position stylus of DTI gauge near edge of piston crown, measure and record number 1 piston stand proud. Measurement must be taken at front and rear of piston and highest protrusion figure recorded.

5. Repeat above procedures for remaining pistons.

6. From all of the readings obtained, determine highest protrusion figure and select the appropriate cylinder head gasket. Protrusion 0.50 to 0.60 mm - select gasket with 1 identification hole. Protrusion 0.61 to 0.70 mm - select gasket with 2 identification holes. Protrusion 0.71 to 0.80 mm - select gasket with 3 identification holes. Protrusion 0.81 to 0.90 mm - select gasket with 0 identification holes.
NOTE: Identification holes are located on the edge of the gasket.

7. Remove DTI.

8. Rotate crankshaft in a clockwise direction until all pistons are half-way up cylinder bores.


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