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Hydraulic pump


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I spoke to a parker distributor in bristol - they quoted me around £1200 plus vat and delivery for the cp16 pump.

If you come up with anything better,please let me know.

Im currently trying to find a clutch to fit an ordinary pump - looking at danfoss group 2 aluminium bodied pumps around 20cc.

Ive asked a chap who runs a vehicle air con bussiness to see what he can come up with.

Warner electrics make a huge range of electro magnetic clutches,but again very expensive to buy one clutch;they only appear to want to deal with people in manufacturing who might buy dozens at a time.

DJ Automation are their UK distributors,and very helpful,but the best they could do was a clutch priced around £300 plus:

clutch sfm var 00

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Try 'White House Products'. They are based in Glasgow, but can obviously post. They are on the internet. I have bought a couple of hydraulic motors and a pump off him. He was very helpful, had a look at the landy and spent 1/2 hour listening to what I was trying to achieve and put a resonable amount of leg work into sourcing gear for me. Now sourcing a very specific valve block I am after.

Tried a few other suppliers. In short they were either:

1/ not interested

2/ wouldn't suggest products, would only quote if I knew the part nos.

3/. More ££££

Ask for alistair.


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I think that hydro clutch would work out pretty steep - it needs a rotary union as well to actuated it, its nice that it has a gradual take up option though. The cheapest option still seems to be the dog clutch. basic but seriously reliable

good find on the hydro shop Adrian :)

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I have never used them, but these people are ment to be quite good.

Hydraulics Worldwide

Normandie Close

Ludlow,Shropshire,SY8 1UJ,United Kingdom

Tel 0044 (0) 7855 401946

Fax 0044 (0)1584 876044

Email us hydraulicexpert@aol.com


Odd you should mention them Paul, I have today completed a VERY unsatisfactory dealing with them on Ebay. Lots of promises, not much action or honesty IMHO.


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