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Jerky throttle


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Hi all, question for you.

the throttle response on my 2001 D2 TD5 can sometimes be described as jerky.

Travel in stop start traffic is a pain in the a** . Its impossible to trickle along, a gentle press of the pedal results in a sudden surge and as soon as you release it the car slows really quick resulting in almost a kangaroo. BUT it doesnt do it every day, hasnt done it for 3 days then started again yesterday. When its behaving like this if you rev it(out of gear) and relese the revs die back immediately and it seems to misfire at tickover for a second before smoothing out.

So far I have checked loom for oil (none at the rocker cover or ecu) and changed the airflow meter.

Any suggestions because its beginning to ruin whats otherwise a great car.

cheers Matt.

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It's on top of the clutch master cylinder, little two pin plug on to it. To be honest I don't know if it is normally open or normally closed but I think probably normally closed as if you unplug it, the system defaults to "jerky" mode as if the clutch pedal is pressed. I guess it is a simple switch - on ones I have seen playing up, what sometimes happens is a delayed reaction when you press or release the clutch, so yes you could probably test it with a meter. I use a T4 because I have got access to one and it appears on the sensor overview, but a multimeter is a few grand cheaper :)

It's probably not too expensive to just change it and see what happens though... I reckon it will cure the problem.

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I will check it out this weekend, If i get one from the main stealers and replace it will it leak fluid everywhere and need bleeding? I have an old copy of EPC which shows the switch on a T piece not on the master cylinder with a part number MSK100070 I will give them a ring this afternoon and see if they are a stock item.


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If i get one from the main stealers and replace it will it leak fluid everywhere and need bleeding?

Probably :)

If you do a "quick in and out" you might get away with it, have the new one ready to stuff in as quickly as possible and have some rags underneath to catch the fluid too otherwise it'll take all the paint off.

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