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One door won't open the other won't shut .....


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just picked up a H reg Vogue. It has 2 interesting door related issues.

1. Drivers door won't open unless you lean in on it ( from outside ) or pull it in from the inside. It shuts fine but the catch won't release unless they is pressure on the door. Any ideas what to adjust ? It does rather look like I am breaking into the car everytime I get in

2. Tailgate won't close without being slammed. Upper Tailgate won't catch unless you slam it just so. However if the bottom tailgate is down is shuts just fine. Nothing seems to be obviously to be blocking it. I think I just need a couple of mms more clearence but again don't know what to adjust.

( 3 interesting issues )

3. Central locking is completely mad ! Drivers door usually does nothing although occasionally a fruitless "thunk" is heard from the doors. Passener door unlocks the front doors and one of the back doors. I'm not too worried about this but if it is an easy fix ...... ( yeah right )

All advice gratefully recieved.

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Tailagte, they do that don't they :angry:

Adjust it and it might not shut/seal/stay shut on the motorway/rattle

Central locking, hmmmmmmmm

It may need the bottom hinges adjusted. Take a look and see whether the catches at the sides of the bottom tailgate line up correctly. Check the top too, but that's probably okay if it shuts nicely with the bottom one down. Remove the lower tailgate trim slacken the four bolts that go into the hinges and adjust the tailgate up or down until the catches line up exactly.

Rangie classic tailgates are notorious for not shutting very well, though...

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After with messing with every hinge screw I could find it appears the tailgate doesn't like the rubber seal at the bottom of the upper tail gate. If I pull it off the tail gate shuts fine. I'm wondering if the rubber has shrunk slight and now the hard end bits don't line up with correct bits on the lower tailgate. It was held on by loads of silcon that probably pushed it out a bit further too. The tailgate is slighty rusted I'm hoping it hasn't warped in the middle.

Having pulled the driver door apart I sprayed everything with WD40 and the driver door now locks and unlocks with the rest of the central locking. However it still doesn't activate the central locking on the other doors. The microswitch in the actuator appears to work ( it has low voltage that goes from one connection to the other depending on switch state ). However it appears to have an aftermarket alarm and that does unlock the driver door ( and only the driver door ) on disarm and does nothing on arm. So I'm sensing dodgey alarm splice job. Next stop ECU. :-)

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Appears the tailgate has decided to bow. The centre lock is a much closer to the car than the side locks. It would appear I need a way to persude the glass to bend back. Couple of hours in an oven with some bricks on either end ?

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