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Are any of you using the clarke welders thinking off getting a 175 tec or 205 te

I looked at these a while ago for a mate who wanted to buy a welder.

IMHO Don't - these are cheap hobby welders, and although you are at the "Top End" of the range here - they are still exactly that - a cheaply made hobby welder. IMHO for this sort of money add some more and then get a decent machine Butters ESAB Lincoln Migatronix, Miller etc etc.

From memory many do not even have a Euro torch 0- again IMHO an absolute "Must"



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I would tend to agree with HFH here. I have just started using my brothers SIP 160 and it is prooving to be a PITA. He bought it new 10 years ago to do a job, and having done said job (less than 1 kg of wire) stored the thing away. He then sold his shed of a car and has had new ever since to the welder hasn't been used. I have dug it out and fitted new wire and away to go. But it keeps cutting out all the time now. Thnik the thermo switch is rusty or something like that but a thump with a wooden mallet in the right place will get it going again. I have taken it apart to look inside and the gubbins look like they belong in toy-town! You could fit it all in a small shoebox

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I have a Clarke 151te and I've never had a problem with it! Has it nigh-on 4 years now and used it quite a lot in that time (restored a car, built a trailer, built a buggy to name but 3 projects!). I'm sure if I were using it constantly for work, I might want something built a little better, but I'm just a hobbyist and it's perfect for me!

Cheers, Martin

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