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Enough with the Migs, lets talk Tigs...


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Ok, there are a good handful of threads on here about what to look for when buying a Mig.

How about Tig?

I've got a 200 Amp single phase scratch start which works pretty good (as far as I can tell, at least - I'm not exactly The Welding Stig...).

Now I'm looking for something with a HF start and AC for some ali tubework (and the fun of trying...).

Tig prices are high. I've seen chinese jobbers on eblag, but have no confidence in them. Anyone have any recommendations for a decent unit at a do-able price? 3-phase is do-able if it helps...

How about something with a foot-pedal for the Amps? Useful? Only on the thin stuff?

Cheers, Al.

P.S. Moglite / Hybrid From Hell - power is in and Tig is up and running, I'll be in touch about practice time / keys soon.

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Spot on Al

I have decided to bite the bullet and buy a TIG

Single phase and AC/DC, I was looking at a Cebora 1835 cept to find they have now stopped making it :(

I have posted a thread on a very good Welders forum and will see what comes and I'll shove a linky up

I would like to know :

Best makes / Models

Accessories and costs


pros and cons of each

If "Its CR*p" then why is it etc.

If its GOOD then why is it etc

Preferably comments from those who can

A- TIG and are talking from personal experience

B- Pref have used the machine they are recomending / not recomending

Prefer no "Guesses" or "I know nuffin but my mate says" etc type replies :lol:


knoiw its not going to be cheap................ :huh:

prob £1800-2500 for decent new and with minimal accessories (water colled torch cooler foot pedal etc ?)

Just sold a load of old HFH bits so feeling flush(ish) :lol: <gulp>


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Hm sounds cracking Nige, sadly mine is smaller than yours... :unsure: - budget, that is...

I'll probably keep my eyes peeled for a second hand something or other.

If you want to swing on down and have a crack on the DC, let me know.

Fridge - unusual and fefreshing for you to bring that up! The camper is actually booked in to be used next year, so is kind of a priority, it also requires slightly less mega-bucks to complete. I will keep the project plodding along in parallel.

I need some cash, dammit...


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if you've got 3 phase the worlds your oyster

a mate that has seen a picture of a guy that once drove past a shop that sold a magazine with an advert for a welder once told me

come and use one Nige, see how you get on. try and talk me into selling mine and replacing it with a monster :lol:

unless you are glueing 5mm plus a watercooled gun isnt strictly necessary. go for squarewave instead of sinewave, HF in place of lift arc, pulse, as high an frequency unit as poss (minimum 100Hz), adjustment for pulse width, balance, post flow, crater fill etc foot pedals are seriously handy but not a deal breaker

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