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Steering components


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I need to make a custom track rod with a couple of extra ball joints attached.

It could be done with some elaborate milling and lots of bolts to hold it all together - or it could be made by welding some lumps of steel together, rather easily.

Some peope have experienced MOT failures due to welded steering rods and I wondered if this was a part of the construction & use regs, part of the mot or just an over-zealous inspector?



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There are no specific MOT rules regarding welding of steering components. The usual MOT rules are leaks, steering gear fouling the bodywork/chassis etc, wear in linkages, excessive steering wheel movement - that sort of thing.

If (for instance), you cut a drag link in half and then welded the two halves back together, then there is no MOT standard as far as I'm aware that would then cause it to fail. If you want an official reply to this, then I could supply it for you early next week Si.


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According to the regs on "that MOT site that I can't remember the address of now", it's only welded repairs that will cause concern if they are badly done. There's a join in the steering bar on the 109 but you'd need an X-ray machine to detect it and it definitely won't break :P The steering arm has been heated & cranked too but a lick of paint and you can't tell anything has happened.

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I am sure you are not to weld or use heat any part of the steering, as it should fail the MOT.


i had a episode with Vosa about this. i brought a heavy duty steering rod that didnt have a damper bracket for a rangie axle. after a brief discussion they informed me that in the most todate version of the mot guidlines that there is ... (in the small print) an exception where welding was part of the original manufacturers process. after tlaking to the tester he said ok that would be fine, as long as it was a good quaity weld obviously.

probably doesnt help your partciular situation but it clears up the cant weld myth.. or at least for me :D

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