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Defender colours?

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I am after getting some paint made up to match my '86 90, V5 just says Green, so aside from taking the vehicle in how might i find out what which shade of green the vehicle is?

Any ideas appreciated.

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James, why don't you take one of your old front wings in for a colour match! ;) ;) ;) ;)

worst case you can phone Heritage Museum at Gaydon, records office and give them VIN and they'll give you manufacturing date, colour etc. It used to be free, but don't know if that's still the case.



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Bear in mind that the original paint will quite probably have faded over time and that even using a good cutting compound will not restore it 100% to how it was originally. There's a good chance that if the paint is mixed to the original formula it will no longer match what is on the vehicle so the paint will need to be mixed to match the vehicle as it is now - or the particular area in question as fade rates can vary depending on the panel location.

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turbocharger is again 100% correct!

well at least the wings are now green, think i need to take a bit of the car in for a better match.... i would psot a picture but dont want you to all laugh so much that it hurts.

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