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In a real pickle and need help.

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Right further to my last post I'm really struggling with a PAS pipe. This is my own fault as I've mixed bits up.

I need a pressure return power steering pipe to connect my pump (etc9077) to a 4 bolt box.

I now have a 2 pipes and niether fit.

Does a pipe even exist that will work with this did a 4 bolt adwest box ever connect to a PAS pump with a banjo fitting?

Help as this is driving mental and I've just been quote £150 to have a pipe made.

Techniacl Details bit

Box is 4 bolt adwest with metric fittings

Pump is a ETC9077 with 5/8" Bajo fitting

Pipe one fits Bajo end but not box (part numbers NTC6731)

Pipe two is orginal and fits pump but is imperial (orginally went into a 3 bolt adwest box)

One slution maybe to use the old pipe can you get imperial to metric union adpaters?


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right I think I've found the bit I need to make my pipe fit. Looks like a little adapter that allows a normal metric union fit to the banjo.

See image, where do I get this from without buying a new pump????


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scrub that^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

sorry, i haven't had enough drugs yet :rolleyes:

early defender pipe had a banjo fitting on end so fits straight to your pump and has metric fitting box end,

or what u've pictured there is 200tdi type pump.

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I also had a mare fitting PAS to my 110 (see here), I eventually fitted the Adwest 4 bolt box with a TDi ETC9077 pump. The pump to steering box hose I used was NTC5001 (banjo one end, threaded the other).

Edited: D'oh! just spotted it's your original thread (I think I'll be needing some of those drugs as well :rolleyes: )

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Best advice I can give is Yellow Pages.

Look for a hydraulic hose company/person. They should make up what you need.

I tried Pirtec up here. Frankly they didn't know what I was on about whehn I wanted a pipe making.

My ten bobs worth

mike FOAK

I can cause trouble in an empty house !!!

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Just been in touch with Brookwells in Plymouth (free internet calls... don't you just love them :D) to see how hard they are to source and the bloke says he can get hold of them for around £30, might be worth giving them a bell.


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My Mazda 35SL powered Rangie has the two seperate hoses cut, slid over what looks like 15mm copper pipe, and jubilee clipped in place. Works great and no leaks.


Sorry if I sound rude, but if its on the pressure side that is a disaster waiting to happen.

If you have ever seen the effects of a high pressure hydraulic hose fracturing you would want to get a proper hose made up.... ASAP!

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