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stainless fairlead


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I am planning on making my own winch fairlead to use with plasma.

What diameter bar is commonly used? I am thinking to go bigger than standard to reduce bendingstresses on the rope, but another thought is that there is more contact area and therefore more heat build up. I know Jez has 2" diameter fairleads, but It hasn't been used yet, or has it Jez?

Another thought I had is not to bother with it and have good old rollers, like I always had. no heat at all, provided they rotate freely.

Lots of questions already, answers Anyone?


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Not used in anger yet but my friend has been using the same system for about 3 years now Daan - he had no real problems, theres plenty to sink heat with that design :)

could you re-work the roller design to have waisted rollers? then there isnt the pinch point in the corner? just an idea?

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That could work, but involves asking favours to someone with a lathe-and I have many more like that in front of me at the mo. I am now more thinking about stainless rollers with ballbearings. This to reduce drag, and in case the rope does start sliding, you have a stainless fairlead. I am still aksing myself the question why, since we introduced plasma rope which is not very abrasion resisting, we all are replacing rollers for a solid guide. My rear winch is going to have a guide like this for reasons of compactness, but for the front, I am still keen on the good old rolling resistance rather than dragging resistance.


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