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Ho hum :rolleyes:

OK this thread is getting silly for people on slow connections!

Could everybody please use some common sense and resize photos BEFORE uploading - 800x600 being the preferred maximum size!

As per the sticky thread at the top of this forum http://forums.lr4x4.com/index.php?showtopic=10496

Not 200000x150000 and umpteen megabytes.

Thank you!


Discovery forum moderator

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My latest one..... providing first-aid cover for a charity mountain bike race (had to drive the route first of course :lol: :lol: <_<

300 Tdi, 1" lift, 265/70 17 tyres and a slowly developing camper conversion in the back!


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Here's my 3 :rolleyes:

I should explain at this point that the Mrs likes to give them names :blink:

Number 1 ........ Jerry ....... why Jerry? ............ Because Jerry can!! :lol:




Number 2 ....... Dora ........ Dora the expolorer ....... this is the Mrs's family run around which is fitted with 235/85/16 MTs and a 2" lift kit with rear antiroll bar removed and dislocation cones etc



And finally my spares Disco


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