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Gearbox problem, LT77 ,LT230 ,transmission, noise, shift

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Hi people! Land Newb here,

I had the LT77/LT230 combo in my '87 110 FFR replaced with used boxes from a similar truck by a rusty, but slightly experienced proffessional mechanic, because of a bearing failure in the old 230. It's been a bout 5 weeks and all seemed fine commuting <60mph around town on pavement and a brief jaunt on the beach in difflock Lo. I completed a 50-70MPH 8 hour drive one day on the highway without problems. The new (old) boxes shifted smoothly and tightly and have a cross-drilled tcase input gear!. I thought I was home free...

The second time I attempted the 8hr highway trip, the first 3.5hrs went smoothly (no stops .cept lights, 50-65MPH ave, brief slowing through towns, up and over a 6000' mountain at the end).

After stopping at destination for 10 minutues, There was immediately a regular "tickety-tickety" in the trans area which quickly became loud enough at town speeds/stoplights to become troubling! The rythm seems linked to wheelspeed-- clutch depressed, same: 2nd, 3rd 4rth, 5th, same. The shifting had a become a little 'nochy'.I stopped at a 'convenience station and visuallised ATF drip drip.. drip....drip........dripping from the the transmission. Upon further inspection over days, I think it's coming from an appearent verticle case-join just fore of the rear drain plug area... There's oil all over the back of the truck.

Also, I noticed some freeplay in the clutch pedal , like a low clutch hydro-fluid level right as I was leaving home to begin the second 8hr trip. I stayed the night in Victoria (the 'there' leg..$), and topped up the trans the next morning adding a 250ml bottle of "Lucas Trans-Fix" on advice.

I drove over yonder mountain, stopped for 30 min an hour later, drove for 40 min, hade the trans level checcked, FULL?, Drove for an hour at 55mph ect... home.

Now I've commuted 10 min a couple of times and its notchy esp 2nd-3rt-2nd, and its still weeping.

Oh, and I saw two dosen deer, 3 raccoons, two elk, 8 sealions, 37 bald eagles, and a bigfoot! Spring is here....

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My gearbox leaks. It just does.

The tickety noise is a propshaft UJ. Please!

1st, 2nd, are harder to engage now because the ATF is liquid crud.

Cluch fluid is low and /or pushrod maladjusted.

Now I just need a couple of days off without rain!

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I think you need to work through your list ! All are feasible but I think gearbox oil leaks should be fixed, sounds like yours is leaking from between the gearbox and the extension case. Low and/or poor quality oil can cause notchy gearchanges. Check your Ujs, are you getting any vibration with the noise ?

Good luck with the weather forecast !


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