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Which Trolley Jack / Axle Stands?


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I can't find anything on here about which type of trolley jack or axle stands to buy.

I did read in the Tools section to buy the tallest axle stands possible.

Which type of trolley jack do I buy? I'm doing the rear shocks on my 110 sometime in the next couple of months, to give you an idea of my simplistic uses.

I've found Screwfix and Machine Mart helpful. Screwfix have a trolley jack for '4x4 and light van use' with a height range of 150-530mm for £50 inc VAT.

Any good?

They also have 6 ton axle stands (375-570mm) for £20 the pair inc VAT.

I will use these more regularly as confidence (possibly) increases, so would prefer to buy something relatively good.

Whay say you?

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For trolley jack I'd spend an extra tenner and buy the 3ton one that is wider and more stable. As above I bought the Omega one from difflock

You might find the 6 ton axle stands too tall to be useful under axle. OK for supporting chassis though. Personally I prefer the type with a handle for height adjustment not pin.



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I personally find the opposite probelm - I find that ordinary car type axle stands (all I have) are never tall enough! I struggle to get them high enough to get the wheels off, letalone get high enough to support the chassis! Anyone got a good cheap source for big axle stands as all i ever see seem to cost an absolute fortune!

I could make some I suppose, but my bucket full of bovvered is currently empty!


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I brought a Halfords 3 T jack ideal don't think they sell them anymore now as too heavy

Axle stands - car boot sales if you can stand them I got some high ones for less than couple of quid

Or try your local dump - always worth a try

If you want cheap!


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I bought (well SWMBO bought for me as a Christmas Prezzie) a Northern Tools 3 T jack with a HUGE hieght lift (500 ish) and was around £70ish.

The 2T halfrauds junk doesn't jack up high enough.

Can't help re the stands, I have a truck pair, Very HD bought from a car boot for a £5 !


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Keep your eye on ebay, a got a real bargain. Monster for a trolley jack, 5 foot long body 5 foot long handle cant remember how high it lifts but it will pick up a house. Cost me a tenner B) it will do to pick up our disco/90 to plonk it on stands then ok to work underneath.

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Whatever you buy, a big commercial style one is a *much* safer bet than a "2 Ton" halfords type one, they are bigger and more stable and the bigger head makes them less likely to slip off. Having used V8Bertha's slightly girly trolley jack and Rolson axle stands the other day I was all the more grateful for my Sealey one.

I got it on offer - a 3-ton jack, a pair of 3-ton axle stands and it was either a free socket set or bench grinder, all in £100. Look in the Sealey offers thing they usually have something on the go.

The small / cheap ones always feel unhappy lifting a LR, like you're right at their design limit (which you are) and frankly I'd rather not have a vehicle fall on my head.

These small ones are only good for small jobs, come in handy as a cheap way to move stuff / adjust things under the vehicle but not to lift it:


There are a million of these out there in Halfords, eBay etc. for £10 upwards, some rated as high as 3ton IIRC but the most I ever use mine for is changing a wheel on the RR.

My Sealey one is pretty similar to this and is far sturdier, doesn't feel like it's about to explode when you lift a laden RR with it:


Also you don't have to remove the handle to let it down, just twist it. Small thing but gets a right PITFA with the small ones when you're used to being able to do it.

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