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Becker Traffic Pro 4765 in a late p38


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Just a quick Enquiry

Iam thinking about buying a Becker Traffic Pro 4765 navigation unit for installation into a 2001 P38

Has anyone already one installed into theirs / has one already fitted?

how do you rate them?

The unit i have my eye on is a LR branded one & thus I "assume" it would be compatable with the CD changer already fitted to the std RR Hamon kardon header unit.

A friend had one installed into of all things a a ford transit and to find the way its not too bad.

my aim with the old type unit is so i can utilise the std DIN radio slot.

appreciate any feedback

thanks & happy Trials


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Don't have direct experience but I just project managed the 100% restoration of one of my directors '85 Benz SL's and I spec'd the new Becker Mexico retro remake. It's got sat nav built in.

The whole unit is simply superb, as in I knew it was going to be nice but reading the specs and actually using it are two different matters. Not bloody cheap though. The sat nav is good but does take a little getting used to. The stand alone Garmin units are easier to figure out being touch screen etc but the Becker is just as easy once you've properly learnt it's ways.

Oh and don't assume about compatibility, call a becker agent, it's the only way. For instance this Mexico will only talk to EITHER an iPod OR a CD changer but not both. Sounds odd and again not directly related but it goes some way to showing that something that may seem common sense might no work out.

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many thanks for the reply

I wanted to put one in as I didnt want be asred with going for a original RR p38 system as thery are old tech anyways

I thought about the becker as a mate had one in his transit and as they fit the standard slot & dont rely on a separate CD drive - thought the instalation would be straghtforward as it would just be a case of fitting the GPS antena and if necessary the speedo transmitter

the aim was just to get something to shoul me directions when needed

Thinking about it - it would mean lossing the RR orig H/K unit which is good so i might be temted to just go fo a Tom Tom or one of the occasional usage units

never-the less thanks for the info

have a nice one

& happy trails


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