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Rear crossmember

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Anyone have a link or offer advice regarding replacement of the rear crossmember on a 110 Defender?

Mine is shot and hoped to get some insight regarding your replacement if you've done one. How long did it take, is it easier with rear floor out and fuel tank off , any pitfalls etc etc?

Any advice would be appreciated, i tried the tech archive and didn't find anything (unless i fooked the search up) i'll try to take photo's and do a write up if it would help anyone else.

Thanks guys


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I did mine last year and didn't find it too bad to do. I used a crossmember supplied by Devon4X4 (ANR2056 - £151.56) , the one with the chassis extensions (think it's a Bearmach one). I found this to be a lot tinnier and lightweight than the one I cut off, it also didn't have the hole for the fuel pipe cut in the main tub support (only found this out after fitting).

If you do get one of these do your self a favour and strengthen it like Les Henson has done in this great how to.

When fitting mine I took the rear tub completely off as it was the easiest option for me (had other stuff to do to it). basically I just lined up the new crossmember, cut off the old one with a plasma cutter at the right place, offered up the new one, put the rear tub on temporarily and bolted the crossmember to the rear of the tub, tacked it in place, removed the tub and then welded the crossmember fully on. Easy as that realy.

Heres a few pics:


The new crossmember


Zipped off with the plasma cutter.


The fuel line hole which was missing on the new crossmember. <_<


Job's a good'un. :)

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