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Cruise control switch?


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Hi everyone,

I've just bought my first Disco and so far,so good. However there is a switch on the instrument panel that is not described or explained in the handbook. It has the symbol of a motorway on it. There are also two switches on the steering wheel. One for set/acc the other for reset/deacc. I take it is some form of cruise control. How do you use it? Can anybody help me.


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Welcome :)

Yes it is cruise control. Assuming it is working:

Press the motorway switch and I think it should illuminate (unless the bulb is blown)

Accelerate to the desired speed

Press the "set" switch and it should hold that speed.

I never found the "reset" to work again after decelerating likewise you are supposed to be able to bump the speed up and down in 1mph increments with the two switches but on mine it only seems to go up.

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