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I am enetering a BFG compertition for a new set of tyres But would like people opions on which pic to enter. The misses and i are tworn as to which one to enter.

It is a BFG show pics of you truck around aus

So which one do you lot like






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The only guidance you have given us is "It is a BFG show pics of you truck around aus"

I'd pick the fourth picture, with you both sitting on the car.

The first one has the tyre wall visible, but after that, what other interest is there?

A great picture of your car, but apart from that, what?

The sunset picture shows the unmistakable BFG tread pattern, people enjoying life, 'family' values (not male only). It's a picture that identifies the tyre, but also has a strong 'wish I was doing that' quality.

How many entries are you allowed?

Sorry to throw in a discordant note!!

I have no experience of marketing / advertising.

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1st is lovely and all, but doesn't really show "out door" aspirations. The 4th really says, "look how amazing life can be with a set of bfg A/Ts", coupled to the fact that you can't miss the vehicls is running BFG A/Ts either.

you could always airbrush out the ugly chap on the bonnet that would help too :D:P

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The last one would be my choice.

Good luck, is the prize is Holiday to the UK? :)


Thanks all for your opions.

The winner gets a free set of BFG tyres and they could come in handy at the moment :D

Its a competion they do every month in the 4x4 mag

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