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newbe help seals?


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Is it a Disco 1 or 2 (or 3?) I think all of the D1s had the same seal (common to Rangie Classic as well), but I could be wrong. The EPC shows one seal for all D1s '89-'98 (LR p/n FTC3401), and mentions "9mm" in the part descriptor. Check out Item 11 in the attached screen dump. Hope this helps in some way :)


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I've just measured the old one I replaced a few days ago. It's about 8mm thick (axially) and 18mm wide (radially). From that I'd say that the measurements you quoted are axial thicknesses and you need the 8mm one. Best of luck :)

P.S. They cost over AU$30 each here (GBP12) non-gen, hopefully a bit cheaper in the UK?

P.P.S. Check out the alternative swivel seal replacement method by Les in the tech archives. Could save you some time. That's the way I did mine, but I botched it, so take your time if you do it this way and clean the area thoroughly before starting.

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