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just bought me a rangie


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Tidy looking truck :)

What do you want to achieve with the mods? Bling? Off road performance? On road performance? All depends on what you use the truck for.

Same goes for the diff guards - define 'best'. Cheapest? Best protection? Compromise between protection and maintaining ground clearance? Best value? I've got Southdown guards on mine (the front one is a big plate that protects everything around the axle) - I'd personally nominate that in the best protection category, but it's certainly not the cheapest and a few people have found they kept getting stuck in deep mud with them.

If you're planning on using the truck for off roading or green laning, remove the front spoiler (will be a pain the first time, then easy afterwards - you can refit it for road use), if you have a tow bar seriously consider removing that (can also be refitted when you need it) and if those are standard side steps take them off too (they clamp on - easy to take on and off).

The only absolutely essential mod for laning / off roading is decent recovery points front and rear (towbar plate will do at the back if you're leaving it on and it's in good nick). JATE rings or similar are okay for the sort of thing you're likely to be starting out doing. Diff guards are a good idea but not essential if you're careful.

Best advise I can give is do the minimum mods necessary then get out and use the truck - you'll probably find once you've been using it for a while that your list of desirable mods is very different to what you thought it would be!

Oh, and one word of warning - if you do head for the mud, don't expect that lovely shiny paintwork to stay immaculate... :(

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i used to own a series three swb about a year ago but i got posted to germany with the army so got rid of it!

the reason i was asking for advice is because this is the first range rover i have owned! i was planning on removing the front valance and bumper and fitting a winch & bumper, with hd bumper to the rear. first things will be diff and sump protection compromising between cash/protection!

dents and scratches only build character to a landy! SWMBO might not like it though! :D

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Then you'll find you'll want much the same mods on the rangie :)

The bodywork it probably easier to damage and certainly doesn't look as good knocked around, but if you're going to use it in anger you'll have to live with that to some extent. Watch the back end off road - that long overhang has a bad habit of making contact with the ground, so you might want to think about some form of fuel tank protection. You usually get an early warning when the exhaust tailpipe grounds, but that depends on the terrain and your driving...

Assuming the truck is a V8 you'll soon discover the joys of V8 ignition trouble in the vicinity of water/rain/light mist/a bad weather forecast for a week next Tuesday, especially when running on LPG (needs a better spark). Some people have been successful at waterproofing the original ignition, most not - I suspect it depends to a considerable extent on the condition of the ignition. EDIS seems to be a very good solution to this - if your fuelling is fine then Megajolt and EDIS is pretty straightforward to fit. Fitting a full Megasquirt like I'm doing is rather more involved and of limited benefit if you mainly run on LPG (so why am I doing it? :unsure: ).

Unless you are only planning on very low mileage, fit the LPG kit - it'll save you a fortune.

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keeping the lpg would be pointless at the moment as i am based in germany and petrol costs half as much as i get the tax off! where can i get info on the maga squirt? and what would be the largest tyre i can fit to the original alloys with a 2" lift? preferably MTs.

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With a proper 2" lift (i.e one that actually lifts the car 2" rather than talks about it :blink: ) you can run 235 x 85 but you will have to fold / cut the lip on the front edge of the rear wheel arch to stop it fouling.

On standard alloys with those tyres your turning circle will be huge though. I would recommend either wheel spacers if you want to keep the alloys or some steel modulars with better offset.

Be aware that the alloys get trashed very quickly off road so a second set of wheels / tyres may be a good option....

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I have been doing up a LSE Classic.

Here is what I have been doing to it it was standard three weeks ago.


while fitting the body lift


this photo is half way through the 2" body lift being fitted whuch is why the bumpers are not fitted.

still got the T-Max which to go on and the OME shocks and springs along with the +4" brake hoses which I found I didnt need half way through fitting the lift kit :rolleyes:

rims £40 off a mate just needed painting

tyres Won at Billing last year

archs £140

Body lift kit £250

Shocks and spring I don't need but I wanted a better ride...

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yes you just need steel wheel type wheel nuts and not the alloy wheel nuts if that makes sense..

The body lift kit cam from Bearmach...

the tyres are 1250's but if your fitting after market wheels you will not need spacers as I don't have them and its fine.

well I say fine the tyres will rub unless you have 2" spring lift and 2" body as well other wise your rear wheel arch will cut into your tyre I fitted the arches to give much more room to the tyres.

The body lift kit I got from Bearmach was very very good I would not even entertain making all those parts it has everything you need even covers the steering and the gears sticks extensions.

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  • 1 year later...

right, i havent been on here for a loooooong time! :unsure:

this is what the black range rover ended up looking like: DSCF0650.jpg

i have been busy though. the range rover i had decided it didnt like running on its own oil :blink:

didnt have the time to change the engine so i stripped it for parts and acquired a 2.5TD VM with a manual gearbox for literally pennies (wasn't running when i got it).

has changed a lot since i got it

four days after i got it, already fitted the cb, disco alloys and 235/85 durango M/T'sflood26-1-1-1.jpg

after fitting the lightbar and mickey mouse lights, these got changed as they were just too big to go on top and wouldnt fit underneath.rangerover009-1.jpg

then to test out the 3inch lift i went on a little adventure to coney green 2008:


whilst halfway through changing the cv's i decided it needed a colour change :rolleyes:24072008136.jpg

and some bigger wheels and tyres, 35inch BFG A/T's:


the wheels are only on a trial fit at the moment so i know where to cut and shut, will be fitted proper before i go to coney at the end of the month :rolleyes:

sorry about the length of the post :lol:

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shes not saying much after deciding i wasnt allowed to mod the first rangie! (as you may notice i did anyway) she left soon after.

but my mum isnt impressed with all the bits i now have lying everywhere :rolleyes:

that blemish went when i sprayed the front panel! lol!

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i got some more pictures after attacking the rear doors with the angle grinder. obviously i meticulously measured......................NOTHING :roll: :lol::lol:

but i dont think it looks too bad, just need to finish off the painting and put the original wings back on, albeit very very trimmed! :badgrin: :badgrin:





(didn't go any further up the ramp, just incase it took a nose dive :? )

with the wheels the right way round i have this much room at the rear, though not fully articulated it will do for now! 07082008193.jpg

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