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My New LR90 Truck Cab

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Hi all,

new to offroading and Landrover etc... I quite fancied the idea of off-roading so after some thinking, bought myself a LR90 truck cab... It is in quite good condition and a lot of things alrwady done to it...

It has had a full build... New Designa chassis, 2" lift, full under guards... Scorpion Extreme front bumper and Superwinch epi9.0 winch, bulkead replaced, new wheels with grizzly claw tyres, V8 congine conversion, and LT85 box.. and lots more other nice stuf...

Things need to be done to it to get it to my satisfaction... Transfer box appears to be leaking, so will try get it cleaned up and see where it is leaking.. Right now whole of the bottom of the Transfer box is covered in black oil...

V8 sump seems to have a mild leak, does not appear to be what is on the transfer box, so will do what is needed to stop that....

Both axles are I guess sort of painless and rustly looking, so will give them a good cleanup and maybe POR 15 or something...

After the 2" lift was done, the rear radius arms are still straight but the bushes have been changed to bushes that are angled, so that there is no strain on the bushes while stood level... What I do not know and I do not know how to tell, has the front been changed from standard to 3 degree camber corrected..?? Any ideas how I tell..??? I have to say that it seems to drive well and straight but I have no idea even if it needs changing..??

Cheers for now, and expect some more dumb newb questions..


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Thanks Very much.

I am not normally into red things being an Everton fan but I agree, looks fine... You wanna hear the noise that comes out of it..!! If you did not know it, you would think that it was from a dragster or something...!!! Exhaust is cobbled from 3 different engines... V8 headers, 200 middle box and 300 back box, all straight through no baffles... tremendous.. love it... :)

Dont suppose you know how I can tell if the front arms are camber corrected or not?


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Most likely the only way to tell if the front radius arms are camber corrected is to take them off & compare with original standard fit arms, I'm sure some of the guys on here would know, maybe a seperate post asking would be the best way.

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Hi Goldie,

Nice looking truck! bit too clean though you need to go get it muddy!!

Radius arms..just look at the thread and its position in relation to the rest of the arm. If the bolt is exactly parallel with the rest of the arm you have standard, non corrected arms. If the bolt is at a slight angle (3 degrees ;)) then you have corrected arms! If you really get stuck post some pic's.

V8's are lovely, I know i'd love one! but they just aren't waterproof enough and my truck likes to go swimming!!! :rolleyes:

See ya!




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Cheers for now, and expect some more dumb newb questions..


Don't worry about that, I've been into landies for a while now and still have plenty of dumb questions


By the way , where did you get it from? - I'm sure I saw that truck on ebay a while back..

p.s. "Goldie" you're not that drum n' bass guy with the gold teeth are you?

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WOW... Pics are scarey..!!!

Looks like the cab is gonna fill up with water through the passenger window..!!! I would be gutted if that happened..!!!

I suppose, when I get used to it, I wont be too worried...

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Could have been a big disaster but this time it turned out well..

If ever there were a better way to describe ebay


Sell It, Buy It, Love It !!

I've just bought a truck cab meself, though being a challenge truck it's a bit more rough around the edges than yours..

picking it up on saturday, can't wait..

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