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Fuel Filler Question


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On my 90 V8, when my friend removed the fule cap, he said that his 110 V8 has like a sunken filter in there, so while filling no carp gets in... Is this a standard item..? If so where do I get one and what is it called??



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Actually it's a built in funnel for filling fron jerry cans. I take mine out to fill from a pump.

Available from your dealer I have "tube" listed in my invoices LNTC2655 Check that one as I'm not sure it's correct. Around about 30 quidish.


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Should be NTC2655, for filling from fuel cans, lift & twist to engage the pin in the standard filler tube, the inner tube will then stay in place while filling from a can, it should come with a short chain attached to anchor the filler cap to the tube to stop the cap getting dirt/grit in it. check ebay as I got mine off there.

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Guest diesel_jim

Dead handy too, got one on my Tdi 90,

has anyone changed the filler on a Td5 to the early Tdi-Td type? (so one can have this filler jobbie), as the Td5 one is


OK, you can use a jerrycan spout, but they take ages to pour, i can't see that the Tdi type would cause the Td5 fuel system any harm?? :unsure::unsure:

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