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kit car info - about Q plates


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Not landy related, but I recall some discussion on here about registering a "home built" vehicle, and I can't find it.

I'm looking at a baja bug with a 1964 reg, based on a 64 beetle chassis, it has a 70's beetle shell on top, and no motor. So when i add a motor it will be from another beetle......

Is this pushing the rules? or is it ok with it being a 64 chassis?

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It depends how conscientious you're feeling - technically you probably need to SVA it which means realistically almost zero chance of passing without huge work. However, since it's mostly beetle stuff and probably has at least one beetle-ish V5 to its name I'd just register it on that. If the mods were done before a certain date (2001?) then they don't count as I understand it.

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it all depends on what the car is registered as- if it's just registered as a normal Beetle then i think you might have problems- when the car goes for MOT you might find they won't MOT becuase of the reg docs. Then you will need an SVA which is probably going to be a bit of a nightmare. You "might" be able to get away with saying that it's a body conversion which means you haev the orginal unmodified chassis/shell and have just put a new body on- as long as pretty much everything else is as original then you should be fine.

motor change probably won't be an issue as long as the motor is a direct replacement for the manufacturers original fitment- ie you can stick an original beetle motor in but you can't stick a '02 beetle motor in.

Les Brock is really the man to ask about this, having been through months of carp. Also you might like to talk to the chaps at www.cobraclub.com

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As the beetle has a separate chassis the body swap doesn't count, and the engine is a direct replacement. You'll be fine, just tell the DVLA the new engine number and they'll be happy - in my experience they are OK when you tell them stuff, it's when you try to sneak past them that they get arsey or start looking at Q plates because they think you're hiding things.

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As Fridge says, bettles have a sepearte chassis, so mounting a differing body on top is OK from the 8 points point a view that the DVLA look for.

Has the chassis been altered length wise (other than the different body on it ?), if so you are immeaditely "Pushing it", as the DVLA Rules are quite clear that non genuine chassi (ie another 2nd hand obe) or shortening/ lengthing it all mean no 5 points AND DSVA Time as well

If not then you have chassis, steering, suspension, gearbox, axles etc all counting twards the 8 (all count as 2 except engine which is 1 and chassis which is IIRC 5), as such you would be fine


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cheers chaps, You always get some good advice here. :D

Chassis is standard 64 that the V5 was from. Motor will be standard 1300 beetle replacement, body is from a 67 with some fibreglass added.....

manufactured in 1964 and registered in 2001:

Date of Liability 01 01 2007

Date of First Registration 13 12 2001

Year of Manufacture 1964

Cylinder Capacity (cc) 1300CC

CO2 Emissions Not Available

Fuel Type Petrol

Export Marker Not Applicable

Vehicle Status Unlicensed

Vehicle Colour BLUE

Vehicle Type Approval null

Does that make it free tax?


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Jas, looks like a 1303 body on that looking at the windscreen, which is a strange thing as the front end is wider on that model than the earlier torsion bar suspension models.

Do you know what sort of suspension it has as this could effect it originality for a '64 chassis it needs to be swingaxle rear and torsion bar front.

If it is anything else I would be very cautious if i can help any further give me a shout as I have had atleast 10 bugs till i saw the light and bought a Range Rover.


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