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steering judder

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Looking for advice concerning the following

driving the other day noticed the steering was "tight" when turning to the left

got the vehicle home & jacked it up and put the front axle on stands clear of the ground

started the motor to get the steering pump pumping & make it eeasier to turn the wheels

the vehicle turns to the left but on its return to the straght-ahead position there is a judder

turning from straght ahead to the right is no problem as was the case in the past

have checked the wheels & tyres to ensure there`s no rubbing & the front steering rods are neither bent or fouling anything

header tank on the PAS is topped up & also OK

no leaks whats-so-ever from any of the lines

Like I say - only this judder when turning to the left and back to centre again

any ideas would be appreciated

Happy rails


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It is common for the UJs on the lower part of the steering column to partially sieze which can give these symptoms.

Spray them copiously with WD40 or similar while someone cycles the steering. If the problem goes away after a while, you have found the problem. Consider replacement when convenient.



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I had this once, it was the CV. The ball bearings had worn which allowed the wheel to travel in one direction but not the other. Quite dangerous really because eventually it locked up on a left hand bend and would not straighten up..

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First things first many thanks for the feedback

my worries were how long it would be before the steering might have seized

good point on the CV as strangly enough i was at a trial and i did notice it starting to stiffen i- t was at a disued coal pit and so there was a lot of real "black-carp" about

I will give the joints another blast with the presure washer & then WD40 the whole workings

are there greese points on the joints?


many thanks

Happy Trails


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concerning the steering judder finally found the problem.

not the steering rod inkage

not the pump or the hydraulic gubbins

not even the UJ joints on the steering either top set or lower set (although the were quite grimey

it turned out to be a crushed steering damper!

as mentioned whilst trialing it seems I had hit the steering damper midway on the outer /upper sleeve ( a real dint)

the obsticle had missed the front steering protector and puched a dint in the damper. missing the front diff protector

just removed the damper whilst up on axle stands and the sterring floats from lock to lock with no judder

recently, i hadnotice that the judder had become more pronounced similar to when the front wheels need balancing

just ran up the lane and back without the damper (not to be recomended)

the wobble is there (to be expected with no damper) but the steering is freeer

what has probably happened is that the damper has been leaking and geting slowly worse in the last few weeks.

anyways all in all problem cured

New up-rated damper on order & should be fitted next weekend.

just wrote back so that if anyone also gets similar symtoms in the future this could also be a caused for the judders!

happy & judder free trails


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