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Stolen Defender 110 Emasculate the culprits


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:angry: My mates Defender 110 CSW has been nicked from his drive in Alne. he had a cat 2 Thatcham immobiliser, bur the landy vanished in the night. If any body sees a distinctive (all panels different shades of green, with a stone roof, Disco wheels and a snorkel) landy, F reg but with a 300tdi and the interior trimmed out with Citroen ZX seats, its probably in bits already. My pal is gutted. There should be a special place for landy theives, preferably involving minced gonads. Any info gratefully received.
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is it just me or does more stuff seem to get nicked just before old sod?

No. it's not just you - IMHO the Sodbury thing should somehow be policed or cancelled for a while. This would be a great shame but as usual the few spoil it for the masses...

A friend of mine found his wings at Sodbury but even after telling the police and showing them nothing could be proved so no action was taken. You might recognise the dent you put in and remember the tree you did it on but there is no reason why the police should believe you more than the man selling it, who probably didn't steal it himself which involves more looking at more third parties....

Then again I bet nest week people on this very Forum will be boasting of how they got there early to buy the winch and bumper in good condition for £150!!! Did it no seem too cheap? Do they not care? I hope they have it stolen off the front of their car!!!!!! Not really, as that is condoning the theft of LR parts, but if people didn't buy the stuff then not so much would get nicked


( now stepping off the soapbox :lol: )

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Bugger! :angry:

Got any piccies of it? Sad though it is I would suggest a good look round Sodbury this weekend may locate any bits that have been removed :(

I'll try and get some pix, but your probably right, it'll be in bits by now. Its not just the loss financially, its the memories of using it and the time invested in it. You get to trust your landy to get you out of sticky situations, they're not just another car. Its personal...............

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David - you're right to a point, sometimes stuff is "too cheap" but then sometimes people have large enough wallets not to worry about losing a few quid on a winch. If they are chequebook boys spending £10k revamping their challenge motor selling the bits they have unbolted is only going to be pocket money for them anyway.

Likewise the dealers who want to smarten up a truck before selling it are not interested in how much the big ugly winch on the front is worth, they want rid of it and to bolt a nice smart new bumper back on to make the truck look more respectable. Sometimes they will look in a book and try to get David Bowyer's list price for a knackered old husky, sometimes they will flog it for whatever the first person offers them just to save taking it home.

If people are nicking stuff you would assume they know what it's worth so it may not be the bargain stuff that's the dodgy stuff.

That said I agree they should have a good few police kicking round with cameras and details of all the LR's stolen in the run-up, if they cared they could catch quite a few wrong un's I'm sure.

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