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coil spring removal

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Quick question

Is it possible to remove the coils springs back without using a spring compressor?

Ie. by removing the shocks and slowly lowering the axle

happy trails


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Yep you can change all springs on a defender without use of a spring compressor. I have even fitted/removed ones that are +2.5inch longer than standard.

For the rear you can probably get away with undoing shock bottom mount then jack up off the rear crossmember for that corner.

Other option is put chassis on axle stands then use trolley jack under axle to move it around. Remove wheels for ease of access.

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Mayn thanks for the quick response from your all

now I know what i can order out from Paddocks in the next few weeks

cheers & of course Happy Trails


just make sure you dont over stress the brake lines when droping the axle .....

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Axle stands under chassis.

Remove rear wheels.

Leave jack under the side you intend working on.

Remove bottom shocker nut, I tried the top one first but the bush refused to separate from the mounting. I ended up using a nut cracker on both rear shocker bottom nuts .Metric fine for the replacement nut.

Lower axle. If the axle doesn't lower suffeciently to remove the spring use a scissor jack between the top of the axle and the bump stop.

Remove both the holding bolts for the spring and the spring should pull out.

You can turn the spring to wher the top end is for mopre room.

There's plenty of free play in the rear brake pipe. Well there was on my 110.

Yes I did the job last Sunday.


I can cause trouble in an empty house !!!

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The brake line concern is for the FRONT springs. If you have long springs, you MAY not have enough room to remove the springs without damaging the brake lines. If that is the case, just unbolt the brake caliper and hang it safely out of the way.

Getting the front shocks off can be a PITA.... The pros use a torch....

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