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Ot - Storks Are On Their Way Again

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OK own up - who chucked the storks out of europe early this year ?!

I live on one of the world's busiest migratory routes and this year the first flock of migrating storks turned up early. We are still trying to find out where the flocks originated from to see if there is good explanation for their early arrival. It could just be the foul weather that europe has been experiencing in the last 10 days or so or it may bode of something that is still comming........

Anyone here know of any unnatural happenings in europe such as crop failure, serious flooding etc....


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You're not trying to tell us you're pregnant are you, Adam ? ;)


NO !!! :o:o

Most definetly NOT !!!!

Just an observation from this part of the world that I thought might be interesting and hoped that maybe some one could shed some light.

I told my wife after number 2 (9 years ago now) that either number 3 in short order or not at all - don't want to go back to all the complications of young uns all over again just as the older ones are getting easy to handle (relatively easy that is).

My next "newborn" is the Defender I am putting together now to work alongside the one already in service - that one is due in a month or so :rolleyes::P !!


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