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Salisbury Plain over Easter


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I'm heading down to wilts this weekend, doing old sodbury saturday, and want to get out onto the 'Plain on Sunday/ Monday...

How do we find out where we can and can't drive? :huh:

if anyone has any routes or Memory map overlays i'd be most gratefull...


Matt. :)

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I'm sure Chris will be along soon but you can drive all the byways. They are marked very clearly all over the plain. This weekend you can get into Imber. It doesn't happen all that often so worth the effort to go there. The road from Warminster (Imber Road) goes to Imber Village and you can keep going to Gore Cross 010510. And from Heytesbury in the south to Bratten in the North.

Also you are allowed to drive the Cat 1 tracks, these are roadstoned tracks in the main but do get a bit interesting in places. If you are after some legal mud you can get some within a short distance from Copehill Down Village grid sq 01 45.

The wardens are firm but fair, don't stray off the tracks and they will leave you alone. If you do stray don't try to blag them, they've heard it all before. Take their advice and move on. They are in contact with local plod. I spoke to a warden by Copehill Down and then moved off to the other side of the plain and bumped into a copper by the Bustard Inn and he seemed surprised it had taken us so long to get there as he had spoken to the warden that we had and he knew where we had seen the warden and which direction we had gone.

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As Walfy says, anything marked as a BOAT on a newish map is fair game for driving. Some BOATs are not evident on the ground and can be driven if you have Memory Map and a GPS, plenty of the tracks evident on the ground are not marked on maps. All of the made-up tracks are fair game but are just gravel roads - speed limits (30mph) ARE enforced.

Cops and wardens are all nice guys doing a job, if you do not give them any greif they will not give you any. I have chatted with them on a number of occasions. The police are working with the army and use an army helicopter to spot and pursue offenders - mostly on motos with no numbers but 4x4s too.

Over this weekend it is likely that the red flags will all be down so there are no "no go" lanes.

Remember that there is plenty of Wiltshire which is not Salisbury Plain... and there are plenty of good lanes out there too. :) I might get out myself this Sunday. ;)


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