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OEC Challenge Sat 5 May 07


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I will be running a 40 punch winch challenge on Sat 5 May at one of the Bampton Sites. It will be a one day event and is the weekend after the CSW 2 day event. Cost will be £45. This is now in line with CSW one day event costs. Vehicle requirements are detailed here:

4x4adventures - rules and regs

As ever maximum of 20 competitors (although i will take reserves until a week prior) and ideally 5 marshalls.

If you would like to compete or help Marshall (winch and previous exp reqd) please reply below or email me. (info@4x4adventures.co.uk) I would also be grateful if spectators could email so that directions can be sent. It is hoped that Jim will do the honours with lunch in the form of F&C delivered hot to the site for £4.

1. Rus and Lewis - 2 x F&Cs

2. Martin - Country rovers

3. Derek - Country Rovers

4. Bob & Dawn - 3xburger&Chips, 1 xF&Cs

5. Bert & Crig

6. Mark & Steve - 3 x F&Cs

7. Kris & Craig - 2 x F&Cs

8. Top90 - 2 portions of 1 battered sausage, chips and a diet coke please

9. Martin & Mark - 2 x F&Cs

10. Susuki Stu? tbc

11. Martin Stainer F&C x6, 2 x Sausage&Chips

12. Pete Mitchell

14. Graeme Mitchell

15. Tony Sheppard

16. Paul Radford - 3 X F&CS

17. Ben&Ro

18. David & Hiilary





1. HHobbitt Jim - hes ordered looks like hes after special sauce on it see bottom page two!

2. ChrisH - 1x F&C

3. Matt Neale 1xF&C

4. Dave - 1 x F&Cs

5. JST - 1xBurger&Chips

6. Jase Farr - 2 x F&C

7. Anton 5 x F&C

The more the merrier!

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Ah !! Tiz good to see David has his name down , Dont worry Dave the bogs are not too deep in Bampton . :D

Not sure if its happening yet but Me and Lard did talk about doing this one in the Lotto car , No doubt he will be along soon to confirm.

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I have fitted a new rear door, re-built the front axle, serviced the winch, broken the windscreen washers, painted the vehicle and swept out the cab all in prep for 050507

I have cleaned up my spare back axle in readiness and am taking the spare EP9 (that technically belongs to Mark90 but he is busy at the moment with the baby so he doesn't need it)

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email going out this evening to competitors and marshalls, if you dont get it please email me


or reply here with your email address.

Les - have you got your email address please?

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