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Reverse idler gear roller bearing

Harald Hansen

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My parts pusher, normally a knowledgable bloke, explained to me that the "twisted" roller bearing on the reverse idler gear is out of production and has been impossible to obtain the last couple of years. All he could offer me was a new reverse idler gear with a straight roller bearing, which means that my gearbox will still jump out of reverse under load after I've reassembled it. :( Does anyone know of a source for the "twisted" bearing (or got one kicking around somewhere)?

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When I first read the post I did scamper off to look through the S3 parts catalogue.

Suffix 'A' has a bush, suffix 'B' onwards has a single straight needle roller bearing, and the reverse gear modification kit has a bush. As Bill says, an angled needle roller would wear out rather quickly. A needle roller has to lie paralell with the shaft it runs on, if it was angled it would have to be curved, and therefore wouldn't roll. Perhaps there's some confusion with the modification kit, which has a synchro gear.


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standard thing in LT77's from what I have seen in taking them apart is for a roller bearing to have the needles at a slight twist to the axle axis. unfortunately I won't get access to one in parts till Monday to take a photo to show the point, however I have found this excerpt from the LT77 manual while typing and flicking through a manual:


Maybe flicking through the LR Series Manual may produce the same, or the parts person is getting his Series and LTxx boxes mixed up. If I get a chance Monday I will examine RogueTroopers stripped Series box and see if a set of rollers are tilted

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