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upgrade to dual circuit braking


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I restoring a 1972 SWB Series III, I have made good progress so far.

Now I am upgrading to Dual circuit brakes and I need to know where I can get my hands on a Dual circuit brake failure valve.

I have shopped around and no joy although the electrical warning switch for the valve is available but not the valve itself.

I am now going to source a valve from a 90 / 110.

I can get my hands on second hand valves, but I am the kind of guy that doesn't mess around when it comes to brakes

Any thoughts any one?



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Dont bother with one - I never did - its not really necessary - all it does is show you a warning light if one side of the system fails, but that assumes that the shuttle valve isnt diezed solid, or the electrical connections so corroded the whole thing doesnt work anyway.

I never bothered with one when i upgraded my series to dual circuit brakes and I had no problems - just plumb the master cylinder outputs straight to the front/rear brake circuits.

Now I'm on disks all round I still dont bother with one!

2nd hand ones you'll often find that the slider valve in the middle is siezed solid, and they're fearsomely expensive new if you can even get hold of one!


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