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Come on then Barker!

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Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm :huh:

Not one of my brightest moves :lol:


Here it is in all its glory - next to a certain 90 being worked on for size comparision, with what I THOUGHT was a big welder (My MIG) in the background :) .

Thats nothing tho............................

When I phoned the bloke selling it I asked him to measure the welder

"about 30 inches" he said, yeah fine, but he took me at my word and meaured JUST the welder, not the Cooling tank or 4 ft trolley it was mounted to, He also managed to mislist it, so I got a "slighty" different welder than I planned (other than size) in so much that I thought I was buying a model with switchable inputs ie 3 phase and 1 phase, but nope..............this is a BIG 3 phase set.

All was not lost

Today it has gone to another new home, sold to the 'house of flying spanners' now has a BIG TIG to meet play and move in with the other toys :lol:

So, back to the drawing board

"B*gger" seems to sum it up nicely :(


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